My Wanderlust Requiem

Where she landed.

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I couldn’t find my friend. She had left our island of blankets almost an hour ago. Then I saw her making a path through the crowd with 2 bottles of wine. The night was officially perfect. I still know every last word of this film. I remember my 8th grade teacher would let me present facts about the movie to the class for 5 minutes at the end of almost every day. My Dad would read me the Smithsonian book nightly so that I could see the giant elephant, the hope diamond, and stare at the ruby slippers. Those shoes still get me. I’ve felt like Dorothy since I left home at 18, ironically. Traveling traveling traveling. Having incredible adventures with friends and always wanting home….

 We ran through thunderstorms and took shelter in the place where a heroine was born.  A wine tasting turned into a private wine tasting turned into a private party.  There, owners indulged themselves in their drink as well and provided ghost stories that were all their own.  Later we filled our bellies and walked back in the rain cooled air.  I had a been given a key, to a small secret room.  In it was wallpaper drenched in floral pattern, beautiful furniture that made quite a racket when being used, and a table…. with cake and champagne.   After the cake was eaten up, the remainder of champagne was drunk from the bottle while rocking on the porch overlooking the garden.  From there our laughing was overheard and misconstrued by ghost searching tourists.   The next day was for a crepe and coffee breakfast at lunch hour, followed by dressing for a show at a theatre a few towns away.  
Nellie’s summer haircut.     There is nothing cuter.   Simple as that.
Ran away.   Spending a few days playing here.   
Find me anyone who wouldn’t say they were inspired by this man.  In honor of Ray Bradbury….. My photo of The Halloween Tree. On October 31, 2007, Bradbury attended the presentation of a Halloween Tree at Disneyland in California, to be included as part of its annual park-wide Halloween decorations every year.
Getting used to being home.  It feels good today.  So do new beds and kitchen sinks.  
I’ve been feeling sad this past year. This, I think, is why!!!   ( And apparently the same can be said for dear Ingmar ) . 
Little things as of late. 

I have so many photos of  ”View of sky from plane window”.    They kind of make me sick. I’m so tired of airports and the hustle and bustle, the hurry up and wait.    Trains.  Trains are my saving grace.   A 9 hour train ride vs a 1.5 hour flight.  I’ll take that any day.  I pack my own wine.  Some knitting and a book.  I’m also suddenly a drunk 72 year old?


I spent much time studying and writing essays about Miss Duncan when I was in school. THIS was a very cool moment.    Paris, France

A CHRISTMAS GIFT for my parents.   I wanted to take photos of where they had been on their honeymoon.  Trafalgar Square, London.   They didn’t bring a camera and had no pictures to remember the time they had spent there.   The curse continued after I lost my camera shortly after taking the photos.   But, after grieving its loss and moving on to another camera, I finally got some shots to bring home to them.   I also brought back some brochures from the hotel where they stayed.  It was quite sweet to be in that same spot.